Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Hounds from?

Hounds is the leading premium black vodka in North America, and it is proudly Canadian.

Why is Hounds Black?

A proprietary formula of fulvic minerals and humic acid infusion make Hounds black.

What are fulvic minerals and humic acids?

Fulvic mineral compounds are found in plants and soil in the highly nutritious humus layer of the earth. A naturally-occurring part of the botanical cycle, fulvic minerals and humic acids are known to help the human body effectively break down, absorb and transport key nutrients. 

Where are the minerals in Hounds sourced?

The minerals found in Hounds are sourced in British Columbia, Canada.

What is Hounds main ingredient?

Hounds’ main ingredient is Ontario-grown corn.

Where is Hounds produced, distilled and bottled?

Hounds triple distillation and twice filtering process take place in Newfoundland, at Rock Spirits.

Where can I buy Hounds?

Hounds is sold at liquor store locations across Canada. Prices may vary per province.