Hounds Black Vodka – 750ml Bottle


The Leading Black Vodka In North America

Made in Niagara, Ontario, Hounds Black Vodka is in a league of its own. It pours sleek black in colour out of the bottle. Look for notes of lemon, vanilla, spice and wheat. Medium-bodied and fruity with a touch of sweetness, the finish is silky smooth. Serve over ice with cranberry juice, soda water and a lemon.

A Premium Vodka

The innovative infusion of Fulvic trace minerals, gives Hounds its distinct black colour.

Mineral Infused Spirit

Our premium spirit is carbon filtered and blended with our proprietary formula of Fulvic trace minerals and humines.


Bottle Size: 750 mL bottle
Alcohol/Vol: 40%
Made In: Niagara, Ontario, Canada
By: Four One Six Spirits
Style: Smooth & Creamy


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